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If you want to transport children up to 1.35 meters in the car, a booster seat for the car will be a necessary purchase, as it is mandatory by law. As a parent you have the choice of various booster seats. However, many booster seats will be large and heavy, making it nearly impossible to transport three children side by side with a booster seat on the back seat or to take the booster seat with you on a trip. However, the Bubblebum booster seat brings a new vision of comfort and user-friendliness to the current market.

Bubblebum – the safe and compact inflatable car seat

The Bubblebum booster seat is perfect for cars. Since the car seat is only 32 cm wide and has no armrests, it is possible to place three of the car seats next to each other on the back seat. Furthermore, the Bubblebum car seat is inflatable and foldable, so when you no longer need the car seat, it is easy to store.

From what age is a booster seat suitable? Bubblebum is ideal for children from 4 to 12 years old with a weight between 18 kg and a maximum of 50 kg. Furthermore, the safety of the car seat is guaranteed, as Bubblebum meets all safety standards according to ECE R44 / 04. The car seat is therefore safe and also fits in any car, perfect right?

The perfect child seat in the car for traveling

The Bubblebum child seat is a perfect solution for long journeys with children because of its weight. The child seat weighs only 500 grams. This, together with the fact that the booster seat is inflatable and foldable, ensures that the child seat is easy to take with you on the plane. When you have landed at the destination and pick up your rental car, you can simply grab it from your suitcase or bag and leave immediately. Usually, you have to pay a further surcharge for renting a child seat, but now you can bring it yourself. So are you looking for a child seat that is safe, comfortable and easy to carry? Then Bubblebum is the choice for you.

The booster seat for a comfortable drive

The Bubblebum booster seat moves along with all the movements the car makes. This ensures that the ride offers significantly more comfort for children than other booster seats. In addition, it helps the children to sit still and there is no risk of cutting seat belts. After all, comfort is very important in the car, especially on long journeys.

Buying the Bubblebum booster seat?

If you want to buy the booster seat for your car, you can view the different models on our website. Would you like more information about the Bubblebum booster seat? Do not hesitate to contact us via or by calling +31 (0) 20 244 31 21.